Wednesday, August 5, 2009

bumming cigarettes from missionaries


Blog #1: Bumming cigaretes from missionaries

Apologies to my mother. She does not want me bumming ciggerettes from anyone, even missionaries. Alas, Europeans - including my french missionary friends, do not see big tobacco as the enemy, as we do in the United States. In my trip to visit Haley in Portland, OR I was shocked to find how few of the people there smoke. It seems everyone in Portland under 35 is in a band. Smoking used to be inextricably linked to rock and roll and the music scene. Who'd have thought those two would ever be divorced?

The situation in Romania is quite different. I couldn't stand the smoke at first that assaulted me everywhere we went. My adaptation to country has not been in the this way wholly positive; I enjoy smoking socially. Don't worry Mom, a bummer is all I'll remain. And I still jog.

Well, thanks for visiting! I hope family and friends can keep better tabs on me through this blog. I'll post photos now and again. Feel free to subscribe for a once or twice a month blog.

Love to you all!


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