Thursday, February 11, 2010

My cats

So, of all things to report - that would seem important to blog about - 2 birthday parties for my 30th, getting into Mozambique, upcoming projects, what I'm signing into write about tonight is my first quiet night home in a while. I finished reading 'Charolette's Web,' which is plain nice. I have these two cats right now whom I've really bonded with. I'm caring for them until they're adopted out. They were hand raised after being saved from a dumpster by another volunteer. They're so friendly they'll sit on my chest while I read. I'll find myself drowning in cat. They're siblings -a boy and a girl. The girl and I talk. She's very cute. The boy is intense - doesn't make eye contact like the girl or speak - but if I'm sitting for more then a moment, he's in my lap rubbing against my face. A little much. So, tonight I took a bath. And he jumped up and was pawing at the water. I realized he was trying to dig the water like he's accustomed to his litter. How strange that despite his digging it never got deeper! Of course they have a bowl of water available them all the time, but never a full bath tub! It was so pleasant to watch him experience the phenomenon of water for the first time and made me appreciate it more. He dipped his paw in the water, shook it out, dipped again, licked his paw, and went back to trying to dig the water. Such is the life of a cat under house arrest: extremely sheltered.

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